Our Accomplishments

Measurable Results

2014 Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)

In July, 2014 Succeed2gether completed its 6th four-week Summer Enrichment Program.

The program was an outstanding success with progress made in math, language arts, and writing. Before and after-test results showed dramatic improvement in average reading and math scores as demonstrated in the graph.


2014 Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)


  • 63 students tutored 2011-2012
  • One-on-one tutoring from committed and talented tutors
  • Homework support and individualized mastery in core subjects

Summer Program Accomplishments

  • Served 40 students in 2011, up from 16 in 2010
  • Individualized curriculum in math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing
  • Training is life skills, instruction in art, music and dance; physical fitness;and hands-on science activities.

Anti-Violence Calendar Program Accomplishments

  • This year we awarded two Peacemaker Scholarship awards to graduating high school seniors in Montclair and Newark who showed outstanding leadership in the comunity and dedication to the prevention of violence.

Anti-violence Scholarship Program Accomplishments

  • Our anti-violence calendar projects for grades 3-5 in Montclair and Newark had over 350 art submissions in in 2012 for the coveted 12 spots.
  • Together with the New Jersey Million Mom March and Ceasefire NJ, it helped organize a conference on solutions to urban gun in May 2007 that brought together experts from around the country.

Community Center Accomplishments

  • Clothing Distribution
    • 170 people received over a thousand articles since January 2011
    • 120 outerwear items were distributed at Toni’s Kitchen,
  • Holiday Celebration
    • 30 children served in 2009
    • 60 children served in 2010
    • 65 children served in 2011
  • Essex County Case Workers
    • Partnership with Toni’s Kitchen
    • Serves an average of 15 people per visit
  • Employment Resources
    • Job search skills training
    • One-on-one job coaching
    • Work skills training
    • Financial literacy training