Get to the Point! How to Sharpen Your Pitch with Joel Schwartzberg




How do you respond when someone says, “Tell me about your book, screenplay, or feature story idea?” And, at that moment, are you truly selling your idea or merely describing it? At a time when everyone needs to be a good marketer as well, knowing the driving point behind your work and expressing it effectively is critical. But instead, too many of us dilute, bury, or completely omit our key points – without even realizing it. In this fun and interactive workshop Joel Schwartzberg, author of the recently-released Get to the Point! Sharpen Your Ideas and Make Your Words Matter, demonstrates how to identify the point of your concept, sharpen it, and convey it with impact.

A former national champion public speaker and longtime presentation trainer, Joel Schwartzberg is also Senior Director of Strategic and Executive Communications for the ASPCA in New York City. Bring your pitches!